Who will stand for me?

Who will stand for me?

You who are still free

If you were in my shoes

It surely would matter to you.

I am bound in chains

Yet only money is your gain

While I waste away

You turn your head and pray.

You pray for health and wellbeing

Yet with Christ’s eyes you are not seeing.

He asked you to remember me

Yet you close your eyes to reality.

But someday what I face could be yours

As America shuts liberties doors.

And while your freedoms are passing away

You oh so carelessly, flippantly say:

“That tyranny could never happen here.”

But one day, you too, may live in fear

So please my brother, care about me

Until Jesus’ face we all see

Copyright 2010

Please visit http://www.persecution.com/ to learn how to help the suffering church.

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